Monday, March 7, 2011

Them's the Brakes

Well, as suspected, the Linda Perry gig did not in fact go through. i was given and bit of a tease on Monday evening with a phone call and interview which shot my hopes high to the sky, however turns out the tour decided that they didn't want to bring on a merch person/assistant. Oh well. I am a little depressed about this, as I was really banking on getting picked up by this tour and it would have worked out so well with the rest of the plans I have for the year, however, I won't let it consume me full and will keep calm and carry on as the Brits are harping now-a-days.

At the moment, i visit you from the lovely and quiet, Burbank library. I really wasn't thinking this place was going to be packed, but I assume the free wireless is a very enticing reason for most of the general (jobless) population to come here and spend most of their day at. It is quite depressing to see...but I am sitting next to a few students who are busy studying up on medical things like the human body, so it's distracting me from thinking that there's a long line ahead of me in the unemployment market.

For the next order of business, aside from looking for a paying job, I've decided to REALLY clean out and finish up all the little tasks, errands, and unfinished business(es)? that have piled up for me since the end of last year. I'm making progress so far, getting my closet and bathroom all cleaned out for the Spring. Also I started a new blog, to help manage my procrastination and will be working on my website(finally) and online writing portfolio too.

Well, I could go on, but I feel I should continue getting things done! I'll check in at a later date.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Pancakes!!

Hello fellow readers!

Today I greet you from the lovely restaurant, serving America with their tasty breakfasts and compromising prices. Yes! It’s IHOP. And today is National Pancake Day, which I am partaking in for the 3rd year. I was introduced to this tradition a few years back when my friends, Shelly and Mike discovered it living in Florida, and I must say, every year has been as satisfying as the last.

Alright well, I’m not particularly sure what the last entry was I’ll try and update you with what I can remember.

The Ramones All-Girl Band: This unfortunately did not work out. The guitarist didn’t have the time to commit to the project any more, and since it was her idea, everyone else fell to the wayside out of respect. I’m sad it’s never gonna see the light of day, but happy I suppose because the drive down to Long Beach always caused us to start practices late.

Camila & Me: that is going quite well. We put down scratch vocals last week for our song ‘The Thames’ and worked on tweeking ‘Diamonds’ with Barry (the producer). Both are gonna sound great and tomorrow we’ll be writing our third song ‘Honeymouth.’ Hopefully we’ll be up and rehearsing as soon as we have the two songs done.

Writing: It’s been going well with Campus Circle and Valley Scene Magazine. I do feel though I’ve bitten off more then I can chew with some of the assignments and have eased up for the beginning of March to focus on more concerning matters in my life…however I am going to focus on trying to write and article a day for The Writers Network, due to it being a paying gig.

Touring: there have been a few offers on the table touring and otherwise, but nothing that seems to gel. I was truly hoping that I’d be out with Deep Dark Robot for their 1 month tour, but it looks as though that’s not going to happen. I will however do a 2nd follow up to the office tomorrow just to make it clear I’m out of the running for this. I also received an interview for Go-Bee, a Canadian tour company, but I’m not sure if that is a smart match either. For the last, my friend, Juan, asked me to submit my resume to a playstation tour, that is still amongst the hopefuls right now, but again, I’ll have to see. Otherwise there will be some touring later on in the summer, but I wish there was something to keep me pumped about right now.

Other Projects: I completely forgot though! I may infact be tour managing an Aussie band going to SXSW. However the job would probably be non-pay. I am also probably going to be taking pictures and writing a story on some of the best bands to see at SXSW for Campus Circle. Lastly, Barry has asked me to handle booking his band to perform in late March early April for his personal project. All are great happenings. But I wish they paid me a little money :/

Anyways, I must finish my short stack, and you all must get on with your days.

Chow for Now!